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Powder Coating Cabin / WITH FILTERS

Achieve to succeed is chieve to VICTORY.
POWDER PAINT (WITH FILTERS] CABIN You can benefit from the quality of powder paint in a high-technology powder paint installation, which is indispensable since it has been used in the whole world with the facilities it offers, and still maintains its attractiveness and utilization increasingly also today with the aid of new techniques developed continuously. Zafer Machinery has initiated powder paint applications in a leading position in Turkey, and has always looked ahead and improved itself consistently with the hundreds of installations constructed and experience gained. Zafer Machinery considers the key factors such as features of the component to be painted, color variation frequency, finishing quality in determining the most appropriate powder paint application system. The most efficient processing in color variation of a certain degree is obtained by filter type powder paint cabin system of Zafer Machinery, since it is the shortest way of powder collection and recovery.

Technical Features
. Galvanized / stainless steel construction
. This system is the shortest way of powder collection and recovery.
. Air-guided horizontal movement of powder in the cabin enables clinging of the powder paint onto the component with maximum efficiency.
. Efficiency of powder recovery is over 99%.
. Cleaning time necessary for color variation is very short. This duration diminishes when standby filters and powder collecting cans are provided.
. Filters are polyester (Teflon).
. Convenient for manual and conveyor systems.


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