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WITH WATER SCREEN With Filter Sanding Rooms and Tables With Positive Pressure (Venturi - Water Screen) Plastic Part Flash-Off Cabins
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Achieve to succeed is chieve to VICTORY.


IN WET PAINTING AND FURNITURE (WITH WATER SCREEN) Zafer Machinery supplies your demands in an economic and efficient way with its wide range of wet painting cabins, and offers solutions special to your needs. Zafer Machinery gives particular importance to customer satisfaction in solving your problems with its experienced staff.

Technical Features:
Construction alternatives
Rustproof water pool and water screen, other sections are galvanized
Hinged water screen system for easy access during maintenance
Pipes, valves having proper gauges and detachable washing nozzles used to prevent blockages
Water proof fluorescent lamp armatures for illumination (interior wire harness is installed)
High efficiency in holding paint particles with the aid of water screening and air washer system
Eliminator separator system mounted to the air washer system holds water drops, decreases the environmental impacts to minimum
Suitable for manual and continuous systems
Power panel is placed onto the cabin and interiorwire harness is installed
Cabin exhaust fans: Centrifuge type - direct coupled
Rotor has a static and dynamic balance
Air adjustment: by manually controlled damper
Water circulation pump has a standard construction, and soft Teflon sealing. Mechanic sealing may be provided as an alternative.
Optional equipments:
Automatic sludge separating mechanism (Sludge scraper]
Ex-proof (with bursting security) illuminating armature


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