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Achieve to succeed is chieve to VICTORY.


Body of the stove consists of sandwich type panels of 500 mm that can be mounted to each other, internal surfaces are galvanize and external surfaces are also galvanize sheet coated with electrostatic paint, and isolation material is placed into this space of 160 mm. Panel assemblies are realized with heat-resistant silicon. There is an airfunnel manufactured with galvanize sheet in order to provide homogeneous us temperature distribution in the oven. This funnel is mounted to the ceiling of the oven, or if it Is a bottom blowing it is mounted onto the floor. Heating unit of the oven is with thermo-block, and it works with LPG&NATURAL GAS, DIESEL OIL, FUEL-OIL burners.

Ovens are manufactured with a single door as a standard, however manufacturing with two doors may be realized optionally. Temperature is controlled by digital heat control device, and burning period of the material is governed by intermittent relay.

When the staying time of the material in the oven is completed, operator is alerted. Thermoblock is mounted to the side and rear end of the oven. Thermo-block consists of firing chamber and fire tubes. Firing chamber is manufactured from 310 quality stainless steel, and fire tubes are anufactured with normalized boiler-tubes. External surface of thermo-block is isolated with rock wool, and its upper surface is closed with DKP sheets painted with electrostatic powder paint.


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