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Achieve to succeed is chieve to VICTORY.

Cardan type conveyors are based on the movement of cardan chain in the guide rail in x,y and z axes. Cardan chains are manufactured in forms of total 400 mm pitches, 180 mm being conveying links, and 220 mm being guide links. For this reason, 400 mm and its multiples are applicative for the axis space between the suspenders. However, if it is necessary, it is possible to decrease axis space to 200 mm and its multiples by fixing special suspension parts to the guide links. There are 4 conveying and 4 guide bearings in each pitch having 400 mm length. Bearings have a particular structure that enables operation at 200°C, and are string marble (without case and cover) type. Standard rails are manufactured in 3 mt length. Reciprocating two rails are connected to each other with flanges at a distance of maximum 500 mm. Standard inspection rails have 3 mt length, and detachable component has a length of 500 mm on one side. Drive groups are caterpillar type, and work according to the system in which push cams mounted between the 2 reciprocating caterpillar chains activate the cardan chains. Torque limitation used in drive groups has the purpose to protect the conveyor, conveyed materials and also the other units present in the lay-out in case of any crushing or strain. Central lubrication units are capable of lubricating all bearings on the horizontal and vertical axes in 1 tour of cardan chain.


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