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Immersion Surface Cleaning / Immersion

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Technical Features
. Stainless steel construction
. Stainless steel tank discharge valve and plumbing system
. Optional black + rustproof sheet iron combination
. Isolation of heated tanks with cellular glass
. Powerful vapor disposal system on hot tanks
. Optional utilization of gas, fuel oil, hot water or electric for heating
. Controlling all motors and appliances in the installation from the power panel
. Optional equipments
. Monorail crane and conveyer construction
. Bridge crane and conveyer construction
. Facility of performing diving arrangement of baskets into tanks, control of bath temperatures with the aid of PLC+PC system
. Basket design and manufacturing

WHAT IS CATAPHORESIS COATING? Cataphoresis paint application, which is a water-based anticorrosive paint coating system and electro-coating process founded on electrochemistry principles, is a method widely-used in various sectors because of its superior technological properties such as even and complete coating of all kinds of component geometry, high corrosion resistance, perfect efficiency with its recovery system, low environmental pollution since its is a water-based system, and low fire risk.
Cataphoresis coating (Electro-coating) is a very efficient method in protection against corrosion by painting metal components having complex geometry, and in the last years its application becomes widespread in various sectors other than automobiles. ED coatings, unarguably used for automobile bodies, have started to be used also for the surface coating of wheel rims, radiators, washing machines/dishwashers and various vehicle components.

Homogeneous film thickness and appearance
Perfect coating of sharp corners, sealed volumes and welded areas
High production speed
Very little loss Ipracticaily 0%)
Environmentally friendly (water-based, low solvent content system]
Low fire and health risks
Protection against corrosion
Ideal consistency with last layer coatings and adhesion
Fully automatic, reliable process

Usage Areas. White Goods. Small Components
Radiators. Wheel Rims
Small Components in Automotive
OEM-Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles
Typical ED installation consists of 4 main sections:
Surface Preparation - Phosphate Treatment
ED Coating Tank. Washing-Rinsing. Oven

It is the most complex section of the installation. It works together with various supporting and auxiliary units in order to obtain the required result.
ED Tank `
Paint Feeding System
Paint Circulation and Filtration
Cooling /Heating Systems
Ultra-Filtration System
Anolyte Circulation System
Washing Area


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