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Spray Surface Cleaning / Spray

Achieve to succeed is chieve to VICTORY.

Zafer Machinery has pleased its customers demanding high quality standards both with its manufacturing quality and also system solutions with the aid of experience and knowledge acquired in years, whether it is construction of a complete painting installation, or an individual immersion or spraying tunnel type surface cleaning installation. The purpose of surface cleaning systems is to provide a satisfactory adhesion to seal coat by cleaning all the substances such as oil. rust etc. on the component to be painted in order to perform an effective painting process. This increases resistance of the painted component to corrosion against environmental conditions. Acid salt test is provided for 250 hours in painting of iron phosphate surface and for 500 hours in painting of zinc phosphate surfaces. Immersion or spraying type system is realized according to the component dimensions, properties and capacity. Iron phosphate, zinc phosphate or chromate treatment is performed by taking into consideration the required corrosion resistance, material structure and environment in which the component will be used.

Technical Features
. Stainless steelconstruction (tunnels * tanks)
. Ncn-cor-Qcing spray pipes and adjustable V-Jet lype nozzles
. Optional black * rustproof sheet iron combination
. Powerful vapor disposal system on entry and exit of tunnels
. Facility of mounting / dismantling the platforms with quick-coupling
. Isolation of heated tanks with cellular glass
. Proofed joining of tunnels and tanks with continued welding
. Air blowing unit before drying oven to prevenl water drops lo be left on Ihe component
. Optional utilization of gas. fuel oil, hot water or electric for heating
. Semi-automatic dosing system
. Substantial water saving with the aid of cascade system
. Ve-y low operational labor cost
. Easy equipping
. Controlling all motors and appliances in the installation from the power panel, optional. PLC+PC controlled system


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